Subverting the Nordic Miracle

The Nordic Miracle. A phenomenon of the social, political, medical, educational, technological kind. The belief that the Scandinavian trio (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) can do little wrong, that their books are the ones the rest of the world should be dog-marking.

But is Sweden true to its utopian allure that it casts on foreigners, promising a happy society, sleek design, and gender equality?




A Swede Way of Life

Travelling to a foreign country often means having to behaviourally adapt in order to engage with the culture as a smart traveller. Sweden is no exception, where even a few weeks will cause one to see just how different Swedish decorum is to that of their own country.

As such, I have compiled an overview of Swedish ‘DOs‘ and ‘DON’Ts‘ to help you avoid making any potentially embarrassing or inappropriate mistakes… (you can thank me for it later):

Don't be one of these people.

Don’t be one of these people.


More Than Meet(ball)s the Eye

What comes to mind when I mention Sweden?

Perhaps a land of tall blonde blue-eyed individuals, reindeer, Vikings, meatballs, smörgåsbords, snow, pitch-black winters and political neutrality? As a consequence of the media with which we are constantly bombarded, these are the stereotypical ideas which we all too often use to essentialise Sweden.

'Stockholm - The Musical' is an interactive advertisement showcasing many of the Swedish stereotypes. Try it out for yourself!

‘Stockholm – The Musical’ is an interactive tourism advertisement, humorously showcasing many Swedish stereotypes. Try it out for yourself!