Subverting the Nordic Miracle

The Nordic Miracle. A phenomenon of the social, political, medical, educational, technological kind. The belief that the Scandinavian trio (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) can do little wrong, that their books are the ones the rest of the world should be dog-marking.

But is Sweden true to its utopian allure that it casts on foreigners, promising a happy society, sleek design, and gender equality?




No Boring Borealis

Despite its complex name, one need not be a scientist to comprehend the splendour of the aurora borealis, perhaps better known as the ‘Northern Lights’. The aurora is a natural light phenomenon generated when air particles are collided with charged particles in a magnetic field, causing excitation and the subsequent light emission that we see  in the skies of the Earth’s polar regions (for those of you interested in the scientific nitty gritty, I’ll leave it up to the experts).

Looking for a house beneath the stars? This just might be it.

Looking for a house beneath the stars? This just might be it.


Ikea, the Furnishing Panacea

‘Affordable solutions for better living’ – the catchphrase of Swedish furnishing giant Ikea. While not a tourist attraction or historical landmark, this mammoth enterprise is unmistakably a corporate icon of Sweden. Its budget, flat-pack furniture philosophy is popular in 43 countries, globally spreading both the Swedish name and design aesthetic (see this overview of the company’s ethic and financial success).

An Ikea storefront looking as grand as ever. Source:

An Ikea storefront.